Witbos Nursery offers a wide range of exclusively indigenous trees and plants occurring naturally within the Sunshine Coast region of South Africa.  (We do not keep stock of any indigenous plants that do not occur within the Sunshine Coast region).  It includes:


* 150 species of Ground Covers and Perennials,

* 20 species of Bulbs,

* 30 species of Restios, Sedges, Grasses and Water Plants,

* 10 species of Ferns and Fern-like Plants,

* 60 species of Succulents,

* 20 species of Climbers,

* 50 species of Shrubs and Small Trees and

* 160 species of Trees.


Our main area of specialization is indigenous trees.


We are constantly expanding our indigenous species-list, through seedling propagation. This applies particularly i.r.o. rarer tree species, which otherwise do not always readily become available in the trade.


Approximately 360 indigenous tree species occur along the Sunshine Coast (i.e. the area lying between Port Elizabeth and East London and, stretching from the coastline to approximately 70km inland). A fair proportion of these species are endemic or near-endemic to the area.


Included amongst the indigenous trees that occur along the Sunshine Coast, are beautiful shade and ornamental trees, trees that are particularly resistant to wind and drought, trees that form ideal hedges (with or without thorns) and trees that are perfectly adapted to coastal climatic conditions, yet remain almost totally unknown amongst the general public.


Examples are: the Bush Cherry (Maerua cafra), the Coffee Pear (Pleurostylia capensis), the Hard Pear (Olinia ventosa), the Cheesewood (Pittisporum viridiflorum), the Common Saffron (Elaeodendron croceum) and the Rock Hard Pear (Olinia emarginata).


Indigenous tree species offer exciting new opportunities when laying out new, or improving existing gardens. Not only are they more environmentally friendly compared to the commonly-used exotic species found in most gardens, but they generally are also more insect, pest and drought resistant. Besides, if you have 5 or 10 indigenous tree species in your garden, you are guaranteed to always have a good opening discussion point, when receiving visitors to your garden, every time!


Whether you are a landscape architect, another nursery, a home owner, a garden designer or just a common tree-hugger, feel free to contact us at Witbos Nursery, with your requirements. The earlier we are contacted, the better the chance that we will be able to supply your needs timeously.  We love visiting gardens and other sites requiring plants, for advice!




Difficult-to-source tree species that we are usually able to supply include:




English Common Name                       Scientific Name

Dune poison-bush                              Acokanthera oblongifolia

Common poison-bush                         Acokanthera oppositifolia

Pambati tree                                      Anastrabe integerrima

Red climbing sage                              Buddleja pulchella

Small-leaved box                               Buxus macowani

Natal box                                          Buxus natalensis

Large-leaved Onionwood                    Cassipourea gummiflua

Karoo num-num                                Carissa haematocarpa

Thorny bone-apple                             Catunaregam spinoza

Thorny elm                                        Chaetachme aristata

Giant pock ironwood                          Chionanthus peglerae

Cat's whiskers                                   Clerodendum glabrum

Small bone-apple                               Coddia rudis

Red-stem corkwood                           Commiphora harveyi

Forest corkwood                                Commiphora woodii

Septee                                              Cordia caffra

Myrtle quince                                    Cryptocarya myrtifolia

Cape quince                                      Cryptocarya woodii

Dune soap-berry                                Deinbollia oblongifolia

Bluebush                                           Diospyros lycioides

Acorn diospyros                                 Diospyros natalensis

Hard leaved monkey plum                  Diospyros scabrida

Common sourberry                            Dovyalis rhamnoides

Dune sourberry                                 Dovyalis rotundifolia

Small-leaved saffron                          Elaeodendron zeyheri

Natal milkplum                                  Englerophytum natalense

Common cocoa tree                           Erythroxylum emarginatum

Forest mangosteen                            Garcinia gerrardi

Eastern-Cape climbing saffron             Lauridia reticulata

Red milkwood                                    Mimusops obovata

Dwaba-berry                                     Monanthotaxis caffra

Cape plane                                        Ochna arborea

Natal plane                                        Ochna natalitia

Small-leaved plane                             Ochna serrulata

Dune olive                                         Olea exasperata

Forest olive                                        Olea woodiana

Mountain hardpear                             Olinia emarginata

Hardpear                                           Olinia ventosa

Dune bride's bush                              Pavetta revoluta

Dune gonna                                       Passerina rigida

Poison olive                                        Peddiea africana

Red beech                                          Protorhus longifolia

Forest peach                                      Rawsonia lucida

September bells                                  Rothmannia globosa

False cabbage tree                              Schefflera umbellifera

Thorn pear                                         Scolopia zeyheri

Karoo boerbean                                  Schotia afra var. afra

Forest boerbean                                 Schotia latifolia

Coast currant                                     Searsia nebulosa

Healing leaf tree                                 Solanum giganteum

Cape Teak                                          Strychnos dessucata

Red bitterberry                                   Strychnos henningsii

Green monkey orange                         Strychnos spinoza

Common canary-berry                        Suregada africana

Pondo waterberry                               Syzygium pondoense

Wild honeysuckle tree                         Turraea floribunda

Small honeysuckle tree                       Turradea obtusifolia

Small knobwood                                  Zanthoxylum capense

Buffalo-thorn                                      Ziziphus mucronata




Press the DIRECTIONS tab for a map showing where our nursery is located.  The nursery is situated in the Gateway Tourist Centre (the orange painted building) at the  R72/Boesmansriviermond turn-off.


Feel free to pay us a visit at the nursery, to see our wide selection of trees & plants, when you pass by next time.


If you are looking for an original gift to give to one of your friends or family members, and have run out of ideas, why not buy a Tree Gift Voucher from us, for R140 only.  With the voucher he/she can come and collect one 10Kg specimen of anyone of 52 different indigenous trees from our nursery, at any time.  The names of the tree species from which a selection can be made, appear on the Voucher.



"Hey you!" says the sunflower to the sun,

just like that,

in tones of mockery,

"Hey you!

Where's your stem?"




Witbos Kwekery bied ‘n wye reeks uitsluitlik inheemse bome en plante wat natuurlik voorkom langs die Sonskynkusgebied van Suid-Afrika.   (Ons hou nie voorraad aan van inheemse plante wat nie langs die Sonskynkusbegied voorkom nie).  Dit sluit in:

* 150 spesies Grondbedekkers en Meerjarige Plante,
* 20 spesies Bolplante,
* 30 spesies Restios, Moerasgrasse, Grasse en Waterplante,
* 10 spesies Varings en Varingagtige Plante,
* 60 spesies Vetplante,
* 20 spesies Klimmers,
* 50 spesies Struike en Klein Bome en
* 160 spesies Bome.

 Ons hoof spesialiseringsgebied is inheemse bome.

Ons is ook voortdurend besig om die kwekery se spesievoorraad nog verder uit te brei deur die aanplant van nuwe saailinge. Dit geld veral vir skaarser boom- en plantsoorte, wat andersyns nie altyd geredelik in die handel beskikbaar kom nie.  


Onder die inheemse bome van die Sonskynkus tel pragtige skadu- en sierboomspesies, bome wat besonder wind- en droogtebestand is, bome wat ideale heinings kan vorm (met of sonder dorings) en bome wat goed aard langs die kus, naby die see, maar nogtans feitlik totaal onbekend is onder die algemene publiek.
Net ‘n paar voorbeelde: die Witbos (Maerua cafra), die Koffiepeer (Pleurostylia capensis), die Hardepeer (Olinia ventosa), die Kasuur (Pittisporum viridiflorum), die Gewone Safraan (Elaeodendron croceum) en die Rotshardepeer (Olinia emarginata).

Inheemse bome bied opwindende geleentheid vir innovasie in die uitleg van nuwe, of verbetering van bestaande, tuine. Nie net is hulle meer omgewingsvriendelik in vergelyking met die geykte uitheemse spesies wat in meeste gewone tuine gevind word nie, maar hulle is ook meer insek-, pes- en droogtebestand. Bo en behalwe dit, bied 5 of 10 inheemse boomspesies in die tuin elke keer 'n ideale geselsie-aanknopingspunt, wanneer gaste die tuin besoek!

Of u ‘n landskapsargitek, ‘n ander kwekery, ‘n huiseienaar, ‘n tuinuitlêer of slegs net ‘n boomliefhebber is, skakel ons gerus by Witbos Kwekery met u behoeftes. Hoe vroeër u ons skakel, hoe groter is die kans natuurlik dat ons betyds in u behoeftes sal kan voorsien.  Ons besoek graag tuine en persele waar plante benodig word, vir advies!

Moeilik-verkrygbare boomspesies wat ons gewoonlik aanhou, sluit in: 

Afrikaans Common Name
Duine gifboom
Karoo noemnoem
Doring been-appel
Gewone kokaboom
Oos-Kaaps ranksaffraan
Kaapse rooihout
Natalse rooihout
Fynblaar rooihout
Duine bruidsbos
Karoo boerboon
Kaapse kiaat
Rooi bitterbessie
Gewone kanariebessie
Blinkblaar wag-'n-bietjie


Druk die DIRECTIONS hofie hierbo vir 'n liggingskaart van die kwekery.  Die kwekery is geleë in die Gateway Toerismesentrum (die oranjekleurige gebouekompleks) by die R72/Boesmansriviermond afdraai. 

Wanneer u weer in die omgewing is, kom besoek ons gerus en kom kyk na ons opwindende planteversameling.

Indien u op die uitkyk is vir 'n oorspronklike geskenk vir 'n vriend of familielid, en u uit idees geraak het, oorweeg dit om 'n Boom Geskenkekoepon ter waarde van slegs R140 by ons te koop.  Met die koepon kan hy/sy ter enige tyd 'n 10Kg eksemplaar van enige een van 52 verskillende inheemse boomspesies kom afhaal by ons kwekery.  Die name van die boomspesies waaruit gekies kan word, verskyn op die Koepon.