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Allophylus natalensis

English: Dune False Currant; Afrikaans: Duinebastertaaibos

Allophylus natalensis - Evergreen shrub or small tree to 10m. Crown dense and spreading. Occurs in dune & coastal bush. Bark smooth or wrinkled, greyish-brown. Stem sturdy, multi-stemmed. Foliage pale green. Flowers minute, white to cream, sweetly scented, in clusters on narrow, branched, spike-like axillary racemes, to 70mm (Mar-Jul), followed by a profuson of shiny, red, round 6mm diam. fleshy berries in clusters in profusion (Jun-Aug), loved by birds. Ideal tree for coastal gardens. Makes good screen/windbreak. Waterwise. Slow-growing.

- Allophylus natalensis.

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