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Barleria repens

English: Small Bush Violet; Afrikaans: Kleinbosviooltjie

2 colours:

1. Barleria repens 'Purple Prince' - Excellent ground cover or low shrub for full sun or semi shade. Medium grower. Glossy green leaves with
royal purple flowers. Can be easily pruned to form a low hedge. Prune lightly after flowering. Feed with slow release 3:1:5 chemical or organic fertiliser and water regularly for best results.

2. Barleria repens "Tickled Pink" - An exceptional New Plant cultivar with large magenta flowers and shiny dark green leaves. Fast spreading ground cover for large areas, covering banks, in containers. Easily pruned into low hedges or topiary. Responds well to regular watering and feeding with slow release 3:1:5 organic or chemical fertilizer.

- Barleria repens.

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