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Carissa macrocarpa

English: Num num; Afrikaans: Noem noem

2 Forms:

1. Carissa macrocarpa *Natural - Attractive dense thorny shrub, 1-2m high, which makes it a good security hedge. Large white scented flowers and big red edible berries. Plant in well drained sunny position, feed with slow release 3:1:5 or organic fertiliser and water regularly for fastest growth.

2. Carissa macrocarpa 'Green Carpet' - This low growing form of Carissa macrocarpa forms a tough ground cover with beautiful scented starry white flowers in summer followed by edible red berries. Low maintenance, planted extensively along roads and around shopping malls - optimum growth is achieved if you feed with 3:1:5 or organic fertiliser and water regularly. Grows well in sun or shade.

- Carissa macrocarpa.

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