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Chironia laxa

English: Christmas Bush; Afrikaans: Aambeibossie

Chironia laxa - Delightful, shiny, star shaped, Barbie Pink flowers virtually obscure the soft, glossy foliage from late summer to early autumn making this New Plant Nugget a winner! A low growing, herbaceous perennial for sunny to semi- shade borders or panted in mass for effect. To thrive, Chironias need a well drained spot and regular watering especially to establish. Regular feeding and pruning produces lush foliage, more flowers and well shaped plants.

A diffuse, much branched, herbaceous plant becoming slightly woody at the base, from about 20-50 cm tall, with very slender wiry, subterete or quadrate stems and branches.

Found at river mouths, on banks of rivers or in marshy places in the eastern Cape and across the border in Natal. Recorded from East London north-eastwards through Umtata and Port St. Johns to Alfred District in Natal, at elevations 100m-1000m above sea level. Closely related to C. serpyllifolia.

Though larger, the flowers are similar in appearance and colour to those of C. baccifera.

- Chironia laxa

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