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Coleonema pulchellum

English: Confetti Bush; Afrikaans: Boegoe

Coleonema pulchellum - 3 variants:

1. Coleonema pulchellum *Dark Pink
2. Coleonema pulchellum *Light Pink
3. Coleonema pulchellum *Sunset Gold

Fine heath-like foliage with masses of starry flowers (dark or light pink) in winter to early summer. Grows to 1.2m, but can easily be kept trimmed in any shape, low hedge, bonsai, topiary or informal border. A member of the buchu family, plant in well drained sunny position. Prune lightly in summer to shape, feed with slow release 3:1:5 or organic fertiliser and water regularly for best results.

- Coleonema pulchellum.

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