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Euryops pectinatus

English: Golden daisy bush; Afrikaans: Wolharpuisbos

Euryops pectinatus - Showy medium shrub covered with cheerful yellow daisy flowers all year. Prune back hard to keep neat. Thrives if fed with 3:1:5 slow release chemical or organic fertiliser and if watered during dry spells. Plant in well drained sunny position.

1 Hybrid:

Euryops 'Variegated' - Colourful golden and white variegated foliage with the bonus of rich yellow flowers typical of the genus make this addition to our range a sure winner. Year-round colour is always in demand! Plant in full sun, and feed from time to time with organic or other fertilizer. Trim to shape.

- Euryops pectinatus.

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